Comprehensive Lactation Course

What is a LEAARC-Approved Course?

90 hours of lactation education
60 hours of online pre-course work plus 4 days of live instruction
with Marie Biancuzzo RN MS IBCLC

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“I enjoy the interaction and the ability to ask questions and learn from other’s questions. That doesn’t happen in an online course.” ~Samantha Perez, RN, Texarkana TX

Locations & Schedule

Courses for the November 15, 2017 Application Deadline
(Testing April 2018)

City Dates Early-bird Deadline

Woodbridge NJ

Aug 14-17, 2017
Jul 24, 2017

Dallas (Lewsiville) TX

Nov 6-9, 2017
Oct 9, 2017

Courses for the May 15, 2018 Application Deadline
(Testing October 2018)

City Dates Early-bird Deadline

Orlando FL

Feb 19-22, 2018
Jan 22, 2018

Courses for the November 15, 2018 Application Deadline
(Testing April 2019)

City Dates Early-bird Deadline

Baltimore MD

Oct 15-18, 2018
Sept 17, 2018

Dallas TX

Nov 5-8, 2018
Oct 8, 2018

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Early-bird registration: $1199 / Regular registration: $1299

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A scholarship is also available for this course. Click here to get more information on the Felix Biancuzzo Memorial Scholarship.

Who Should Attend

This is a "learn it the first time course." It is designed for those planning to sit for the IBLCE Exam for the first time. This course meets the IBLCE's requirement for 90 hours of lactation-specific education, covers the material that will be on the IBLCE exam, and prepares the student for a career as an IBCLC. If you are a re-certifying IBCLC, please consider our exam review courses to prepare you to recertify by exam.

  • 2015  Lewisville Seminar
  • 2015 San Diego Seminar
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Felix Biancuzzo Scholarship

Can't Travel?
Try our 90-Hour Lactation Consultant Core Concepts.
All 90 hours, all online.

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