The Breastfeeding Outlook site is undergoing emergency maintenance

We are still experiencing performance issues.
We are so sorry that this is happening, and are working diligently to resolve this.
Please check back for updates. We will update as soon as we have news to report.

UPDATE - Sep 16, 6:30 pm EDT (2230 UTC)

The vendor has finished a preliminary analysis of the logs, and now knows where the issue is occuring.
Now they are attempting to determine why it is happening, and how to fix it.
In the meantime we are attempting to implement ways to accomplish certain functions which bypasses the problem code.

Good News: We will have the content of several of our packages available by sometime Wednesday.
The packages will be on a separate page that you will not need to log into.
Instead, the pages will allow you to access all of the content in your package.
However, before we make those pages available, we need a second set of eyes
to make sure that all of the links work as intended.
We appreciate your patience while we do that.
We will be notifying everyone via email who has purchased one of the packages recently.

If you are a current customer attempting to access your content prior to the recertification deadline or exam date,
please reach out to us at or 703-787-9894.

Please tell us which of our study packages or courses you are using.

We are preparing ways to provide access to the content outside of your online account.