Felix Biancuzzo Scholarship

Felix Biancuzzo Memorial Scholarship

Application available May 1, 2018!

This scholarship was created by Marie Biancuzzo to honor the memory of her father, Felix Biancuzzo, a truly self-made man who pursued opportunities for learning throughout the course of his lifetime. Born in 1915, Felix attended school and began working at age 9 to support his immigrant mother and siblings prior to and throughout the Great Depression. Later, he married the former Maria Cristini and together they raised three children. In recognition of his outstanding performance as a Ford franchisee, he was personally presented with an award by Henry Ford II. A dedicated worker throughout his life, Felix frequently gave his time, talents, and financial resources to the community.

Breastfeeding Outlook is an organization that aims to support health care professionals in actively promoting, protecting, and supporting breastfeeding at the individual, interpersonal and system levels. We provide educational programs, publications, and materials for health care providers. With this scholarship Marie Biancuzzo recognizes individuals who are eager to provide evidence-based lactation support for breastfeeding mothers and their babies.

Courses Covered

This scholarship will cover course registration fees for the live Comprehensive Lactation Course. or the online Lactation Consultant Core Concepts Course only (fully or in part). Winner will be responsible for any travel, lodging or other costs incurred in the process of attending the course.

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To Apply

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2017 Scholarship Winner - Samantha Lavender of Bryant AR!