Tough Topics Online Exam Review Programs

Get Ready!

Do you shudder at the thought of trying to master the toughest topics on the IBLCE exam? Do you even know what topics give most IBLCE exam candidates the most trouble? Do you wish someone would take you under their wing and make it all more manageable for you?

Make your wish come true! Join Marie for this series of six of the toughest test topics. Watch webcasts, listen to audiocasts, do fun learning activities, read research articles and other documents from the web, and test your skills with review questions.

Program Features:

  • No travel required! These courses come to you! All you need is a computer.
  • High Retention - You'll suddenly grasp the stuff you didn't realize you needed to know, and you'll retain it, too!
  • Real-life Application - Apply isolated facts to broader clinical situation and strategies.
  • Review Questions - similar to those on the IBLCE exam, are scattered throughout these sessions.

Best for:

  • IBLCE exam candidates who have not completed a comprehensive 90-hour LEAARC-approved course
  • IBLCE exam candidates who have not taken the IBLCE exam in nearly 10 years
  • Anyone who has failed the IBLCE exam
  • Pathway 3 Candidates or anyone with minimal clinical experience and/or college education in the health sciences

Credits: Each course earn CERPs and some also earn contact hours. Please note that not all programs in a course may be eligible for contact hours. Click the links to the individual program descriptions above for more information.

Expiration Date:You will have access to the these programs for one year from the date of purhase. To earn credits, the programs must be completed prior to the expiration date. Program expiration dates can be extended at the discretion of Breastfeeding Outlook.

Which Should I Choose?
The Lactation Exam Review or the Tough Topics Courses?

Compare and Choose!

Tough Topics Courses Lactation Exam Review
Credits Varies by Individual Course 25 CERPs; 19 Contact Hours
Goal Prepare to Pass the IBLCE Exam Prepare to pass the IBLCE Exam
Target Audience Learners who may have earned some credits, but have not had a comprehensive course covering all disciplines and chronological periods of the IBLCE exam content outline in a highly structured way. Courses that do not include thorough instruction on use of pumps and technology, ethics, research methodologies and statistics, pharmacokinetics, or growth and development of the older baby do not cover all of the IBLCE exam content outline.

Learners that have failed the exam in the past, or have minimal clinical experience, or minimal college education in health sciences.
Learners who have already taken a comprehensive course and need to spot-check and update their knowledge in all disciplines and chronological periods of the IBLCE exam content outline.

Recertifying IBCLCs that have successfully passed the IBLCE exam at least once.
Breadth of Topics Covers only 6 of the toughest topics on the IBLCE exam Covers all disciplines and chronological periods of the IBLCE exam content outline
Depth More in-depth coverage of each of the 6 topics Less in-depth coverage of each topic
Target Audience Experience Presumes that participants have a rudimentary ability to manage clinical lactation issues and a well-balanced variety of experiences within a supervision structure appropriate to their training. Presumes that learners have been fully accountable for managing clinical lactation issues for a variety of mother-infant dyads, well or ill, in prenatal, labor/delivery, early postpartum, and early childhood situations.
Pace Completely Self-Paced Fast-Paced
Format Completely online. Includes a content outline and review questions for each topic. About 12 hours online and 13 hours in-person and onsite at several major US cities. Includes a content outline for each online topic and a course manual for the live portion of the course.
Exam-like questions Yes. Over 50 questions with answers and rationale. Yes. Over 50 questions with answers and rationale.
On-Site Mini-Exam Not included since the individual help cannot mimic the in-person experience. An on-the-spot, computerized analysis of 50 questions is provided for each individual to identify strengths and weaknesses.
New Research Integrates new research throughout the course Calls out the latest research that contradicts or augments previously-published research.
Perspective Builds awareness of U.S. culture and controversies and how to deal with them in practice; some attention given to international issues as a springboard to help the candidate learn more. Highlights international issues as they relate to possible IBLCE exam questions
Vocabulary Provides and/or reinforces vocabulary lists and help with learning medical and clinical jargon related to lactation. Assumes that learner knows and understands most clinical terms and jargon used.
Hours of pre-course preparation None About 12 hours, depending on the learner
Price $99 each / $495 for all 6 topics $399 Early-Bird / $449 Regular

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