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As an IBCLC, you must recertify every 5 years. At your first 5-year mark, you can choose to recertify either by CERPs or by exam. At your second 5-year mark, you must recertify by exam. Recertification continues in this manner, alternating by CERPs and exam, every 5 years.

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We have tools and resources for every part of your IBCLC journey, not just for your recertification years.

Continuing Education

We have a large variety of all-online continuing education programs, covering all lactation management topics. Just select a topic that interests you, complete the entire program online, and print your own certificate. You can earn CERPs, contact hours, and CPEs for dieticians.

Born to be Breastfed podcasts

Join Marie each week as she busts the myths and clarifies the facts about breastfeeding. Listen LIVE or at your leisure. Subscribe to podcasts via ITUNES.

Marie's Outlook (Blog)

Marie takes on the topics of the day and addresses concerns and questions from practicing IBCLCs and exam candidates.

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