Comprehensive Lactation Course

90 hours of lactation education via
60 hours of online pre-course work plus 4 days of live instruction
with Marie Biancuzzo RN MS CCL IBCLC

“The course was excellent. I learned a lot and feel much better about the exam and what I need to know. I did a different comprehensive course online and this course made me realize how bad and useless that class was.” ~Kathleen Gauthier, CNM IBCLC, Mystic CT

This course is unlike any course you have ever taken.

Carefully designed, developed and delivered by internationally-recognized author and breastfeeding expert, Marie Biancuzzo, this course will help you to:

  • Tackle topics that you might not have even realized are on the IBCLC Exam.
  • Learn at your own pace by using a variety of learning methods and techniques.
  • Acquire a blend of evidence-based academic knowledge and real-life clinical skills.
  • Enjoy your learning experience—Marie has a unique way of breaking down complex topics into easy-to-learn concepts that will help you to pass the exam now, and practice as an IBCLC for a lifetime!

Includes the required 5 hours of communication education FREE!

In a little more than one hour each evening, you can finish this course in about three months. Register now!

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Target Audience

This course meets the IBLCE's requirement for 90 hours of lactation-specific education, 5 hours of communication education, covers the material that will be on the IBCLC exam, and prepares the student for a career as an IBCLC. If you are a re-certifying IBCLC, please consider our exam review courses to prepare you to recertify by exam.

Goals & Objectives


To enable professionals to interact collaboratively, deliver client centered, evidence-based care that impacts community breastfeeding rates, and to pass the IBCLC exam.


  • Defend breastfeeding as a public health imperative.
  • Examine research studies, ethical issues, legal and regulatory mandates, public controversies, and system-level barriers to quality care related to breastfeeding.
  • Apply knowledge from multiple disciplines (including anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, biochemistry, nutrition, pharmacology, psychology) to the clinical management of pregnant or breastfeeding mothers/dyads.
  • Employ evidence-based strategies to improve clinical outcomes for breastfeeding dyads (wellness or illness situations).

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Content Highlights

The Comprehensive Lactation Course covers the following topics as they relate to breastfeeding and lactation:

Analgesia & Anesthesia Anatomy & Physiology
Autoimmune Conditions Basics of Lactational Pharmacokinetics
Biochemistry of Human Milk Breast Pumps & Pumping
Breastfeeding the Older Baby Breastfeeding Twins & Multiples
Cleft Lip & Palate Common Concerns in the First Month
Common Concerns Beyond the First Month Contraindications to Breastfeeding
Counseling and the Feeding Decision Defense Mechanisms and Human Milk
Developmental Milestones Down Syndrome
Environmental Toxins Factors Influencing Success
Feeding Cues, Behaviors and Reflexes Ethical Considerations
Galactogogues HIV and Breastfeeding
Hormones of Lactation Growth, Weight Gain and Weight Loss
Hypoglycemia & Hypothermia Impact of Maternal Intake on Milk
Induced Lactation & Relactation Infant Formula Risks
Infant Nutritional Needs Infections & Diseases
Insufficient Milk Supply Jaundice & Dehydration
Lactation Suppressants Latch & Positioning
Legal Considerations Milk Banking
Nicotine, Alcohol, Illicit Drugs Nipple and Breast Trauma
Nutritional Needs of Mother, Fetus, Infant Nutritional Deficiencies
Postpartum Depression Premature & Sick Infants
Professional Development Psychology, Anthropology & Sociology
Research Study Interpretation Sexuality, Contraceptives, Fertility & Amenorrhea
Shells, Shields, & Other Devices Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding
Weaning Communication for Lactation Consultants

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There is approximately 60 hours of study to be completed outside of the classroom, we call this the homework. Ideally, this work should be completed prior to attending the live classroom sessions. If necessary, this work can be completed in conjunction with or after the live sessions but no certificate will be awarded until all work is completed. Upon registration, you will receive an e-mail from us with instructions for completing the homework, which is completed on our website. Learning methods include:

  • Online videos and audiocasts
  • Paper-and-pencil exercises
  • Independent reading
  • Use of case scenarios
  • Multiple-choice exam-type questions
  • Live instruction

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  • Post-Test
  • Written Responses

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Marie Biancuzzo, RN MS CCL IBCLC
Education Director
Breastfeeding Outlook
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Credits & Program Expiration

Credits & Accreditation

This program for 95.0 L-CERPs (90 hours of lactation education plus 5 hours of communication education) has been approved by Breastfeeding Outlook (Provider # CLT108-22) which is accredited as a long-term provider by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners.

This program provides 95.0 instructional hours (90 hours of lactation education plus 5 hours of communication education) in topics on the IBLCE Detailed Content Outline, and has been approved by Breastfeeding Outlook (Provider # CLT108-22) which is accredited as a long-term provider by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners.

Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number CEP 15628, for 95.0 contact hours, accepted in all states in the United States.

This conventional activity (seminar) has been approved for 26.0 CPEs at Level II for RDs and DTRs by the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

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After purchasing this course, you will have one year from the start date of the live portion of your course to complete all the course requirements and earn your credits.
If you do not exercise your right to earn credits prior to the expiration date, no credits will be given. Program expiration dates can be extended at the discretion of Breastfeeding Outlook.


Early-bird registration fee: $1199
Regular registration fee: $1299

To register, click on the location you wish to attend in the schedule listing at the top of this page or click this link to see all available options.

A scholarship is available for this course. Click here for more information.

Use our flexible payment plan and register for just $200 down and get started on your homework immediately! Call us at 703-787-9894 to get started.

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Course Policies


Only written cancellations received prior to the cancellation deadline (see schedule above) are eligible for a refund; no refunds can be issued after that date. All refunds are subject to a $200 administrative fee and will be issued within 30 days of the receipt of written cancellation. Substitutions are allowed, but please notify our Registrar at 703-787-9894 as soon as possible. In the unlikely event that a program is canceled, Breastfeeding Outlook will refund the registration fee in full, but is not responsible for any travel, hotel, or other costs you may incur.

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Course Requirements

The online portion of the course does not need to be completed before arriving for the live portion of the course, but must be completed before credits are awarded. All requirements must be completed prior to the program expiration date (see below). Credits are awarded only upon successful completion of all the written and online homework, attendance at all sessions of the entire 4-day live portion of the course, and only for those participants who sign in each morning and sign out at 4:30 PM each day. Credits will be awarded at 4:30 PM on the final day of the live portion of the course. In accordance with our agreement with our certifying agencies, no partial credit will be given. Plan your travel time accordingly, there are no exceptionsBack to Top