Recertifying by CERPs

If you are recertifying by CERPs, you will need 75 CERPs, all earned since your last recertification. At least 50 of those CERPs must be lactation specific, or L-CERPs, and you must have at least 5 E-CERPS (related to professional ethics). The remaining 20 CERPs can be on any topic related to the field of lactation consulting (L-CERPs, E-CERPs, or R-CERPs). R-CERPs refer to topics that are not lactation or ethics-specific but are related to lactation consulting, like public health or some growth and development topics.

I need more than 15 CERPs

I need less than 15 CERPs

I want to attend a live program to earn CERPs

I only need my E-CERPs