Core Concepts 90

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Get all 90 of your lactation-specific education hours in our 90-hour Lactation Consultant Core Concepts Program. This course is completed primarily online, with a small amount of written work. You will have up to 18 months to complete the program. Everything you need is included in the program. There are no hidden costs!

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NEW!! Payment installments now available!

You may now purchase this 90-hour program in four installments. Purchase your first unit, complete it and, as funds are available, purchase the next unit until you have completed all four units. You have up to 18 months to complete each unit. Individual units do not earn credits. You must complete all four units before the expiration dates to earn credits. Each unit is $272.50 and includes everything you need to complete the program. There are no hidden costs! Click here to get started with Unit 1.

Why Choose This Course?

The Hard Work is Done for You! The IBLCE's Detailed Content Outline tells you the subjects that will be on the exam, but not where to find the information to study. Marie Biancuzzo has been an IBCLC for more than 20 years and has been preparing candidates for the IBLCE exam since 2004. She knows what you will face, not only on the exam, but in your new career as an IBCLC and her goal is to help you succeed. Marie has put together all the information you will need to pass the exam and be a successful IBCLC. Click here to read more about Marie. The hard work is done! You have only to listen, watch, read, and learn!

Everything you need in one package. All 90 hours of the required lactation education is provided in one structured and thorough program. Just complete this course and this requirement is DONE! There are no hidden costs!

No travel required. If travel is difficult or impossible for you and you don't live near one of our regular live program locations, this online course is for you! You will do all your work from your account on our website. Work can be done anytime, at your convenience. You can do your work in large chunks of time or for just a few minutes here and there. Whatever works for your lifestyle.

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What's Included?

This course includes everything you need to complete your 90 hours of lactation education. All learning material is provided from your My Account page on our website. The program includes:

  • Over 80 assignments, organized by discipline
  • Learning material provided in the form of webcasts, audiocasts, podcasts, PDF documents, and links to videos and articles on the web
  • Over 320 test questions to assess your knowledge
  • Written response sheets to provide written responses for a handful of assignments
  • Certified Clinical Lactationistâ„¢ Exam (click for more info on all the requirements to sit this exam)
  • Marie's popular exam prep book, Test-Taking Strategies
  • Access to the trained staff at Breastfeeding Outlook should you have questions

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