Reviewing for the Exam

Time to Review

Once all your requirements are met and your application is submitted, it's time to start thinking about taking and passing the exam. The IBCLC exam is HARD! We hear from people every year that did not take it seriously and failed. Don't let your guard down or get lazy. You will pay a lot of money to meet your requirements and sit for the exam and you lose your exam fee if you fail. So don't risk it!

The tools you use to review for the exam depends on many factors. You must decide for yourself which tools will work best for you and how much review and study you need. If you have questions or need direction, please send us an email or call us at 703-787-9894 and we will help to get you headed down the right path.

Online or Hard Copy Programs

Online Lactation Exam Review

The next best thing to Marie's in-person review course. This is a structured program covering all of the IBLCE content outline and done entirely online.

Marie's Biancuzzo's Guide to Decoding Lactation Photos

The next best thing to Marie's in-person Picture Perfect Seminar. This is a hard-copy book used with the Breastfeeding Atlas to help you distinguish between similar but different conditions and pass the photo portion of the exam with ease.

Self-Study Programs

Pick and choose the topics and programs you need for your exam review. Options for every budget.

Lactation Flashcards App

You can't answer a question if you do not understand the words! Get your basics covered. You will be surprised at the difference it makes.