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The exam is tough, really tough. Many people do not pass on the first try. So don't beat yourself up. However, it is a fact that most people that have failed the exam once will not pass the next time unless they identify what went wrong and fix the problem.

Marie's new book can help you determine why you did not pass the exam and will tell you how to improve your scores the next time. So pick yourself up and try again.

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“I passed the IBLCE exam this time after 2 fails. Huge thank you Marie for your [online] review course and the book about How to Pass the IBLCE Exam This Time. I wasn’t even going to test for a third time but after reading this book it gave me the courage I needed to test again. I liked being able to listen to the lectures on the go usually in the pick up line waiting for kids to get out of school. The [Guide to Decoding Lactation Photos] workbook was a big help along with the Atlas. The practice exams were very helpful and much like the outline of the real exam.
~Leslie Collie, IBCLC, Arkadelphia AR

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For free help, read the information and tips below and read Marie's blog. You can glean a lot of important information just from the information that is already available. You can also call or email us to get a free review of your scores. We will review your scores and other pertinent information and provide you with some recommendations to help you improve your scores the next time you sit for the exam. Call us at 703-787-9894 or email today to get your FREE analysis and recommendations.

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Some of the more common mistakes made by first-time exam takers:

  • NOT taking a comprehensive lactation course that covers the entire IBLCE Exam Detailed Content Outline
  • Taking the exam in a language other than your first language
  • Clinical experience that focuses on the hospital period only (or older babies only etc.)
  • Assuming that your years of experience will get you through the exam
  • Severe test anxiety

Call or email today to get your FREE analysis and recommendations.

Marie’s Recommendations for Those that have Failed the Exam in the Past

If you did poorly across the board and never took a comprehensive lactation course

If you did poorly across the board due to gaps in your knowledge

If You are Weak in Certain Disciplines or Chronological Periods

  • 7 Discipline Drills - expand the depth and breadth of your knowledge in the toughest disciplines

If the photo section was your downfall

If you know your stuff but have severe test anxiety or poor test performance

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