Lactation Education Premium Packages

Get a PRIVATE review session with Marie to ensure you are ready for the IBLCE Exam!

On Sale Through November 26th!

Premium Packages on Sale for $1199
Premium Plus Packages on Sale for $1439

Our Premium Lactation Education Packages combine your 90 hours of lactation education with our Certified Clinical Lactationistâ„¢ Resource Kit and semi-private or private time with Marie, via webinar or phone.

The Premium Package includes:

  • Marie Biancuzzo's Comprehensive Lactation Course (4-day live course)
  • Picture Perfect Seminar (1-day live course)
  • Certified Clinical Lactationist™ Exam
  • Exclusive discounts on selected Exam Study Packages
  • Three semi-private Exam Review Sessions with Marie via webinar (attendance limited to 25)
  • Certified Clinical Lactationist™ Lactation Management Resource Kit
    • The Breastfeeding Atlas (6th Ed)
    • Breastfeeding: A Guide for the Medical Profession
    • Breastfeeding Oultook Conversion Guide and Weight Loss Charts
    • Exclusive Breastfeeding Outlook CCL™ Tote Bag

Our Premium Plus Lactation Education Packages take it one step further with a private, one-on-one, 45 min review session with Marie! There are only 5 of these sessions available for each exam season so get your spot secured today!

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Your Certified Clinical Lactationistâ„¢ Resource Kit will be delivered to you at your live program and includes the resources Marie recommends most often.

Payment Plan available with just $200 down!

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