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  Practice Lactation Exam Demo - FREE!


This 7-question practice exam demonstration includes all the features of our full practice exams so you can see how the exams work before you purchase them. It is timed and includes an analysis of your performance in the specific disciplines of the IBLCE Detailed Content Outline. You can reset the timer and shuffle the questions as many times as you like.

Our electronic practice exams are designed to help you prepare for the IBLCE Exam in these ways:

  • Practice time management skills
  • Expose yourself to a comprehensive 4-hour, multiple-choice, lactation exam with images
  • Determine what you know and what you need to learn
  • Practice using test-taking strategies to deal with images, distractors, and qualifiers
They ARE NOT designed to be used for:
  • Last-minute cram sessions
  • Memorizing questions, images, or answers (none of the images or questions on our practice exams will be on the IBLCE exam)
For more detailed information on how to use our practice exams, click here to read our How to Use Our Practice Exams information sheet.

Use your practice exams early and often to get the most out of them and to give you the best preparation for the IBLCE Exam.

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Within 10 minutes after purchase the practice exam demo will appear on your My Account page, which is available after logging on to this web site. Go to your My Account page to start the practice exam.

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