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  Mastitis: Recognition, Risks, Relief and Recurrence (Audio)


The incidence of mastitis among lactating women is as high as 30%. Professionals often give inappropriate advice to women, including advice to wean, and women often express a desire to wean because of this condition. Can you recognize all of the lesser-known risk factors? Do mothers and babies in your practice experience a cascade of serious problems, complications, and recurrences? The goal of this learning program is to help professionals prevent or minimize the occurrence or recurrence of mastitis and to maximize the continuation of the breastfeeding relationship. Exam-type items will be included.

Best For:
  • Anyone who has been involved in fewer than 20 cases of mastitis.
  • IBCLC exam preparation
  • Anyone who needs to update or expand knowledge on this topic.
Helpful For:
  • Anyone who values evidence-based practice.

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Love to learn at your own pace? This learning program is for you! This learning program is for you! You can take it along with you on your MP3 player, and re-play as many times as you wish!

Time Allotment:
The number of hours needed to complete this program is approximately equivalent to the number of credits it is approved for, but may vary by individual.

Resources Included in the Learning Programs:
  • Audio file that can be downloaded to your computer or MP3 player.
  • Content outline
  • Extensive reference list
  • Post-Test

Requirements for Completion:
  • Complete all required assignments.
  • Complete the online post-test with 100% accuracy.
  • Complete an online program evaluation survey.

Expiration Date:
This program expires two years from the date of purchase. Program expiration dates can be extended at the discretion of Breastfeeding Outlook.

1.8 L-CERPs and 1.8 Contact Hours
Continuing education credits are included.

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Web site registration is
required before purchasing this item.
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