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  WHO Growth Charts: Use, Interpretation & Implications for Breastfed Children


The new growth charts from the World Health Organization have now become the international standard for measuring infants, including here in the United States. Are you able to correctly use these new charts? How will you interpret their data to parents? Especially for exclusively breastfed infants, how will the data look different than it looked on the old charts, and how will you explain this data to parents? Buy this learning program and learn how.

Best For:
   •  Anyone who is working in a setting where the “old” growth       charts are still being used
   •  IBCLC exam preparation

Helpful For:
   •  Nurses Anyone who needs to update or expand knowledge       on this topic
   •  Anyone who values evidence-based practice

   •  Pediatric nurse practitioners and other primary healthcare       providers may find this learning program too basic. Please       see our other learning programs which may better meet your       learning needs.
   •  Those who use the growth charts on a daily basis may find       this learning program too basic. Please see our other learning       programs which may better meet your learning needs.

Time Allotment:
Love to learn at your own pace? This learning program is for you! You can take it along with you on your MP3 player, and re-play as many times as you wish! The number of hours needed to complete this program is approximately equivalent to the number of credits it is approved for, but may vary by individual.

A multimedia approach is used throughout this and all of our online programs. Although they are all a little different, you may find webcasts and accompanying outlines to view and take notes on, short articles to read, drill exercises, and more.

Requirements for Completion:

  • Complete all required assignments
       •  Complete an online program evaluation survey
       •  Complete the online post-test with 100% accuracy
    Expiration Date::
    This program expires two years from the date of purchase. Program expiration dates can be extended at the discretion of Breastfeeding Outlook.

    2.7 L-CERPs and 2.7 Contact Hours
    Continuing education credits are included.

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