Breastfeeding the Newborn: Clinical Strategies for Nurses, 2nd ed.
by Marie Biancuzzo RN MS CCL IBCLC

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Grounded in solid research, this book supports breastfeeding promotion during pregnancy and offers practical solutions and insights to the most common breastfeeding concerns.

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Features of this book include:
  • a logically-organized and easy-to-read format
  • photographs and line drawings depicting relevant anatomy, physical assessment skills, positioning techniques, and equipment
  • expert insights and practical solutions to the most common breastfeeding concerns
  • a special chapter on breastfeeding the compromised infant with guidelines for infants who are preterm, born with cardiac problems, are neurologically-compromised, and/or have cranio-facial defects
  • Priorities for Care boxes that summarize the most salient breastfeeding recommendations in bullet-point format
  • Research Highlights that summarize and critique selected studies and show how they apply to clinical practice
  • Clinical Scenarios that offer real-life case studies to promote critical thinking and generate possible management strategies
  • comprehensive and useful appendices that provide breastfeeding education, promotion and support resources for both professionals and their clients

Breastfeeding the Newborn is a MUST if you work with mothers and newborns!

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