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Fall 2022 IBCLC exam
September 14-23, 2022

IBLCE Dates & Deadlines

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the IBLCE has adjusted dates for exam applications, exams, and posting of results many times. We try to keep up with this but you should always confirm what you see here with the IBLCE's Key Dates.

Disclaimer: The following information is adapted from, the IBLCE's website. While we do our best to ensure this is up to date, you should verify all dates and requirements directly with the IBLCE.


Note: All requirements must be completed and submitted to the IBLCE when you submit your application.

Exam Date(s)

Applications Accepted

Spring 2022 Exam
Mar 23 - Apr 1, 2022
World-wide in English

Oct 26, 2021 thru Dec 7, 2021
Results date not yet posted by IBLCE

Fall 2022 Exam
September 14-23, 2022
World-wide in all currently-offered languages

Apr 19 thru June 1, 2022
Results date not yet posted by IBLCE

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Application Window

Deadline to Submit CERPs to IBLCE


Apr 12 thru Sept 30, 2022

September 30, 2022

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