Read What Others Have to Say about Our Online Learning Programs

(A compilation of anonymous comments from our program evaluations)

"I would recommend this learning program because it covers information that any professional who deals with lactating women should know. It is a convenient way to learn."

"It is suitable for busy schedules/lifestyles."

"Learned a lot, some new information."

"Short, concise refresher course."

"Speaker very knowledgeable."

"The course allows you to work at your own pace and you are able to complete the course at home."

"We are all busy, so learning at our own pace is great."

"Topic is covered well with the practical clinical applications."

"Marie is clear and help with learning several ways at a time (visual, auditory, writing)."

"Convenient, Quick, and Informative."

"Easy to complete at home in spare time."

"Fits my schedule."

"I can do it at my convenience and don’t have to be tied to my PC."

" I could learn at my own pace."

"I enjoyed having the outline to print off as Marie did the webcast."

"I have a busy schedule and this give me the opportunity to log on at any time and learn at my own pace."

"I like to get the outline and read it, then listen to the audio. It helps to have the outline to refer to for later."

"Informative, able to do it in my own home."

"It can be done on my own time, I can rewind if I need to, and Marie has a lot of knowledge."

"It helps me to recertify at my own pace."

"It was helpful that the audio followed the outline so closely. Could pause audio and read as needed."

"This is a great learning tool for me because it allows me to get excellent instruction without the time and additional expense of leaving my home. I can work the lessons around my personal schedule."

"Very convenient for those who cannot readily travel."

"Easy to do from home whenever I have time to squeeze it in."

"I enjoy doing this on my own time at home."

"Easy to use and excellent content."

"Efficient way to obtain CEUs."

“Excellent information.”

“Helpful. Inexpensive.”

“Contains valuable basic breastfeeding information.”

“I would eagerly recommend this learning program to my colleagues who need L-CERPs or just want to increase their education in this area. IT is formatted well and is very convenient, with good instruction.”


“Good, pertinent info.”

“It is so accessible! And very useful.”

“This is a great way to earn credits at your own pace.”

“Very easy way to get credits.”

“Very pertinent information for my practice.”

“I would highly recommend this program because the information is very helpful to a practicing LC.”