Breastfeeding Outlook Business Policies

Conflicts of Interest and Financial Relationships

Conflicts of Interest: Breastfeeding Outlook, its activity planners, and its employees take careful attention to avoid any and all conflicts of interest as related to all learning materials, including but not limited to live seminars, self- study packages, and online learning materials. We meet or exceed all criteria provided to us by our accrediting bodies, which prohibit any influencing financial relationship that could create bias in the goods or services we offer. 

Financial Relationships: Marie Biancuzzo is the sole owner of Gold Standard Resources, LLC and all subsidiary units, including Breastfeeding Outlook,, and Gold Standard Publishing, and has no influencing interest in any other organization. Gold Standard Resources.LLC accepts no funding except as direct payment for the goods or services it provides. 

Sponsorship or commercial support: Breastfeeding Outlook does not, for any reason, accept outside financial assistance for any educational learning program.  The use, display or discussion of commercial products in relation to breastfeeding (e.g., breast pumps) during an educational program does not imply endorsement of any such product by either Breastfeeding Outlook or its accrediting bodies. 

Off-Label Use

We actively discourage the off-label use of drugs. Products used, displayed or discussed are done only in the manner in which they were approved by the Food and Drug Administration and any deviations from this are given in writing or verbally at the time of discussion. 


Policies for Course Participants

Requirements for Successful Completion

Live and hybrid learning programs: Specific learning goals and objectives for all live programs are found in the program brochure and/or in the course materials distributed to every participant. Certificate of Completion will be awarded to participants who: attend all live sessions, sign out at the end of the program, complete all required online homework assignments. 

Online-only learning programs: Specific learning goals and objectives for all self-study programs are found in the program materials. Certificate of Completion will be awarded to participants who: successfully complete all required reading, viewing, or listening assignments, including all online tests.  

Course Cancellations, Refunds, and Price Adjustments 

Live and hybrid learning programs: Only written cancellations received prior to the cancellation deadline are eligible for a refund; no refunds can be issued after that date. All refunds are subject to an administrative fee and will be issued within 30 days of the receipt of written cancellation. Substitutions are allowed, but please notify our Registrar at 703-787-9894 as soon as possible. In the unlikely event that a program is canceled, Breastfeeding Outlook will refund the registration fee in full, but is not responsible for any travel, hotel, or other costs you may incur. Specific details may be found on our website and in the program brochure.

Online-only learning programs: All sales of online programs are final.

Price Adjustments: If a product price is reduced within 7 days of purchase, the customer may submit a written request to receive a price adjustment in the form of payment used to make the original purchase.

Breastfeeding Mothers Policy (for live programs)

Quiet babies in arms (non-mobile and younger than 5 months) are welcome in the live sessions. However, crying babies or noisy, active babies make it very difficult for the mother and other participants to concentrate on course material. We encourage mothers to bring a caregiver to look after the baby’s needs outside of the learning room during the course. If bringing a baby, we ask mothers to please choose a seat that allows an easy exit from room as needed, as it is likely that she will need to step out of the room to attend to the baby’s needs throughout the day.

Policy for Awarding of Credits 

Live and hybrid learning programs:

No partial credit will be awarded. Course participants receive credit ONLY if they:

  • attest to completing any and all required assignments, and that they are entitled to these credits
  • have paid for the course in full, and that payment has cleared
  • have signed in and out at the end of each live, on-site session (if applicable).  Credits will be awarded at 4:30 pm on the final day of the course.

Online-only learning programs:

No partial credit will be awarded. Course participants receive credit ONLY if they:

  • Successfully complete all assignments, including any online tests.

No exceptions will be made. 

Expiration Date for Awarding Contact Hours, CERPs, CEUs, and CPEs

All course requirements must be completed prior to the expiration date of the program to receive credits. Expiration dates are located in course materials, brochures, and on our website. Expiration dates can be extended at the discretion of Breastfeeding Outlook.

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