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Study Packages with No Review

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Exam Study Packages Basic All-Online Customer Favorite All-Inclusive
Test-Taking Strategies 3rd Ed PDF
Practice Exam A
Practice Exam B
Practice Exam C
Pack of Five 40-Question Topical Drills
The Breastfeeding Atlas 6th Ed
Breastfeeding the Newborn 2nd Ed
Marie's Guide to Decoding Lactation Photos
Retail Value     $216 $253 $357 $477
You Pay     $169 $189 $279 $369

Study Packages that Include a Review

Don't have your 90 hour course materials? Review with ours and get your study tools, too! (You will be redirected to our sister-site,

Online programs included with our study packages expire 6 months from the date of purchase. Program expiration dates can be extended at the discretion of Breastfeeding Outlook.